Business Essay - Pros And Cons of Online Banking

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Create a strong state thesis proving that online banking is a vital thing nowadays and add a few sentences supporting your idea.
E.g., These days, all banking services are online. We pay our bills, transfer money, view the statement of the bank account, and pay the services of academic writers online. Besides, the latest bank products and services are delivered through the Internet. However, not everybody is not in haste to download the online banking application because they are sure it might have enough disadvantages as well as benefits.

Main Body

As a rule, this part may contain several paragraphs. While creating an essay on banking, it would be better to highlight the pros in the first paragraphs, and the cons — in the second one.
E.g., Let’s convince why it’s worth opening an online banking account. We can identify the following pros:
1. You can manage your money from any place in the world without standing long hours in endless lines.
2. You don’t need to keep receipts of your completed bank operations. You can just review your transactions in the mobile app.
3. Mobile banking doesn’t have any holidays and days off, so that you can use its services at any time.
4. You have additional options for loans and investments.
5. You can know about any fraudulent activity or threat for your funds before it harms you.
Of course, we can’t get along without the cons of online banking services.
1. It can’t be useful without an Internet connection.
2. You might be irritated by lots of unnecessary emails and updates.
3. For a person who isn’t tech-savvy, operating Internet banking might bring some difficulty.
4. Your bank information could be hacked.


In this part of a business essay, you can say what you are leaning towards.
E.g., As you may have noticed, there are more visible advantages of using online banking. To my mind, refusing online banking services can make our processes of daily routine inconvenient. After all, new technologies are invented to simplify our lives to have time for entertainment.
It’s an approximate essay sample. Writing your own one, you need to pay attention to the topic as it might require more passages in the main part. Besides, take into consideration the word limits while collecting the information for your paper.
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